Big Buddha Tours

Big Buddha Tours Phuket

“Discover the Tranquility:

Big Buddha Tours in Phuket. Embark on a captivating journey with guided tours to the famous Big Buddha and discover its history, importance and the breathtaking views it offers over the island.”

Tour description

These tours are convenient for tourists who prefer a guided experience and want to make the most of their visit. Here’s what you can expect from an organized Big Buddha tour in Phuket:

Transportation: The tour includes transportation to and from your hotel or designated meeting point. This can be in the form of a sedan, minivan or coach, depending on the size of the group.

Guide: A knowledgeable guide will accompany the group throughout the excursion. The guide provides information about the history and significance of the Big Buddha, as well as other points of interest along the way.

Visiting the Big Buddha: The highlight of the tour is of course the visit to the Big Buddha statue itself. You will have ample time to explore the site, take photos and enjoy the panoramic view from the hilltop. Of course, there is also enough time for a free 7-minute meditation course and for a prayer with the monks.
All in all, a relaxing day at Temple, Viewpoint and Landmark from Phuket

These Big Buddha group tours are ideal for tourists who want to spend a longer period of time meditating and relaxing.

  • Price 900 THB per person
  • Duration of the tour: about 4 hours